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Welcome to Orange County Firearms Safety Training and Consulting!

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 Our primary purpose at Orange County Firearms Safety Training and Consulting is to provide instruction to law abiding citizens in the legal, safe, and proficient use of firearms, aiding the student in developing the skills and knowledge desired.  OCFST has been instructing students how to proficiently fire firearms since 2009.  The head instructors at OCFST are law enforcement trained and are highly proficient shooters.  The level of training a student receives OCFST is stellar in all areas.  The safety training you will receive is a law enforcement style of training geared toward the public law abiding citizen.

With America being the most armed nation in the world and there being 90 firearms for every 100 people, it is pertinent that if you own a firearm you know how to safely and proficiently use the weapon you posses.  OCFST recognizes a large majority of the population are advocates of firearm ownership.  However, we also believe if you own a gun or if someone in your house does you need to understand the fundamentals of shooting your gun and owning your gun.  OCFST caters to the novice and expert gun owners who aspire to become more proficient shooters.  

The way OCFST has been able to train students throughout Orange County and Southern California is by having instructors throughout various regions meet with students at a public ranges close to where the student or the instructor's is located.  If you own a gun and are afraid of it you need to take more lessons.  If you own a gun and want to be a better shooter we guarantee the results you desire.  OCFST offers lessons to people of all skill levels.  We enjoy educating family members who want to become responsible gun owners.  If you have never shot a firearm you are a great candidate to learn how.  It is better to teach a people the right way to shoot then to break bad habits.

All students who choose to embark on receiving OCFST shooting lessons are required to furnish identification and sign a liability waiver affirming that they have no criminal record which prohibits them from legally possessing firearms, and that they are not, individually or as a member of any group, involved in actions or conspiracies that would result in unlawful violence against any citizen or governmental authority of the United States, and that they are not addicted to, or under the influence of, drugs and/or alcohol.

"To every man, there comes in his lifetime that special moment when he is tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing; unique, and fitted to his talents. What a tragedy, if that moment finds him unprepared and unqualified for the work that would be his finest hour." – Sir Winston Churchill


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Training Fees

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